Performance Measures

Length of Time Persons Remain Homeless

Measure 1

We measure the length of time persons remain homeless based on four parameters.

Return to Homelessness

Measure 2

Reports on those who were permanently housed in the 2 years prior to the reporting period who subsequently became homeless. 

Number of Homeless Persons

Measure 3

Reports on sheltered and unsheltered homeless within our CoC.

Income and Growth

Measure 4

Reports on increases in earned income and non-employment income for those that are still served by PH project OR left the PH project.

First-Time Homelessness

Measure 5

Reports on those who are newly homeless as determined by having no HMIS enrollments in the past 2 years.

Successful Placement in Permanent Housing

Measure 7

Reports on successful outflow from the homelessness system.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, HUD is not requiring reporting on System Performance Measure 6 (Homelessness of Families with Children/Youth) for fiscal year 2020