Homeless Emergency Response Committee (HERC)

The primary role of the CoC-HERC is to assist and oversee the management of “emergency” events as they arise. Activation would be determined by the set guidelines and protocols that are set forth by this committee and approved by the NC 507 CoC. The benefit of having such a system in place would be to have a unified command structure and communications strategy for large scale events or events where multiple people/agencies are impacted.

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Members of the Homeless Emergecy Respons Committee (HERC) (2023)

  • Vance Haywood: Chair
  • Jamial Black
  • Amanda Blue
  • Travis Compton
  • Bethany Currin-Rogers
  • Kathy Johnson
  • Amanda Marshall
  • Darlene McClain
  • Arlene Smith
  • Cecile Williams
  • Sloan Edemann
  • Mercedes Davis
  • Tamara Young
  • Rodney Jones
  • Lakashia Robbins

Upcoming Committee Events

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