2024 Point in Time Homeless Count

Why is the PIT Count important?

PIT stands for “Point-in-Time,” and it’s a count of all people experiencing homelessness on single night in January. The PIT Count in Wake County will be for the night of January 24, 2024.

The PIT Count shows the impact we’re having on reducing and ending homelessness (like a census) and also where people experiencing homelessness are. This information helps assess community needs, gaps, and how to target resources.

Volunteer Opportunities for the PIT Count

Pack Backpacks for the Homeless
Friday, 1/19 12-2pm
Register: https://x.gldn.io/qfS33KGDpGb


PIT Count Surveyor (Outdoors/Encampments)
Wednesday, 1/24 8-10pm
Register: https://x.gldn.io/3rlumZYDpGb


Thursday, 6-8am
Register: https://x.gldn.io/fbmqHd9DpGb


PIT Count Surveyor (Indoors/Oak City Cares)

Saturday, 9-11:30am
Register: https://x.gldn.io/e/FRCADHdSpGb


Saturday, 11:30-2:00
Register: https://x.gldn.io/e/iImjAbmSpGb

Volunteer Training

Before you begin the training:

  • Download the iSurvey app! 
  • Authenticate your Device, Enter your Device Password into the iSURVEY app 
    1. Open the iSURVEY app.
    2. On the Admin screen, select the Device Tab.
    3. On the Device screen, enter your Device Password: 055404
    4. Enter your Device User Name: This is your email address.
    5. Select the Authenticate button.
    6. You should see a confirmation message.

Training Recording

Watch Now
Passcode: .K6DDHqY