Governing Board Application


The Membership Committee of the Wake County Continuum of Care (CoC) is currently accepting applications from homeless system partners, such as but not limited to representatives from school districts, medical providers, mainstream benefits, faith community, business community, criminal justice, and court systems, for six (6) elected seats on the Continuum of Care Governing Board. The Governing Board is responsible for providing overall direction and leadership for the CoC so that it can effectively carry out its mission of planning, developing, and implementing comprehensive and coordinated strategies across funding sources and systems to address homelessness in Raleigh/Wake County.

The vision of the Wake CoC is to ensure that homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring. We will achieve this vision through our shared values and actions.

Contact Kim Crawford at (919) 443-0098

Duties of the Governing Board include:

  • Engage community leaders to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to reduce and end homelessness in Raleigh/Wake County
  • Assess the performance of the CoC; identify gaps; develop and implement strategies to address gaps and improve the overall CoC performance
  • Consult with the Collaborative Applicant and HMIS Lead to develop, follow, and update the Governance Charter as needed
  • Recommend to the CoC for a vote, any amendments as they arise
  • Approve the CoC HMIS data privacy plan, data security plan, and data quality plan
  • Establish priorities that align with federal and local policies for recommending projects for CoC related grant funding
  • Call meetings of the full CoC membership at least semiannually
  • Coordinate with the Collaborative Applicant on any funding related to CoC activities or funding
  • Receive recommendations on the recipient and sub-recipient performance targets appropriate for population and program type, along with performance and outcomes of ESG and CoC programs
  • Appoint committees and workgroups to facilitate the work of the CoC.

Expectations and Time Commitment:

  • All members of the Governing Board shall be members of the CoC either through their own individual membership application (if unaffiliated), or through their member organization’s application.
  • The Governing Board will meet at least every other
  • The Governing Board shall establish a published meeting schedule of regularly scheduled meetings before the start of each calendar year.
  • Governing Board members will be expected to review materials in advance of the meetings, actively participate in discussions, and vote, as required.


  • Governing Board Members shall serve two-year terms.
Conflicts of Interest:

  • No Board member may influence decisions concerning the award of a grant or other financial benefits to the organization that the member represents or to themselves as individuals. Board members must identify actual or perceived conflicts of interest as they arise. Annually Board members must sign a Conflict of Interest statement that will be on file with the CoC Collaborative

Wake County CoC Governance Board Application