System Performance Measure 7

Successful Exit from Homelessness


Measure 7 tracks positive movement out of the homeless system and is divided into three tables: movement off the streets from Street Outreach (Metric 7a.1); movement into permanent housing situations from ES, SH, TH, and RRH (Metric 7b.1); and retention or exits to permanent housing situations from PH (other than PH-RRH). In 2020, NC 507 CoC has 33% of unsheltered street outreach exit to a temporary and permanent destination. This is down from 40% in 2019. Metric 7b.1 shows exits from ES, TH, and RRH (NC does not have SH). 2020 exits from these projects to permanent destination is 24% this is a 1% increase from 2019. Metric 7b.2 continues to have high retention rate of 95% of exits from PH project (except PH-RRH), this is down slightly from 97% in 2019. 

Metric 7a.1

Change in exits to permanent housing destinations

Metric 7b.1

Change in exits to permanent housing destinations

Metric 7b.2

Change in exit to or retention of permanent housing